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The pediatric dentists at Santa Clarita Children’s Dental in Valencia, California, know how important it is to keep your child’s baby teeth healthy so they won’t have any problems when their adult teeth come in. Maintaining your child’s dental health includes regular dental cleanings and digital X-rays when necessary. If your child needs cleaning or you’re concerned about a toothache or cavities, call the office or book online today to see a specially trained pediatric dentist.

Cleaning & Digital X-Rays Q & A

When should children get dental cleanings?

Your child should see the dentist every six months. Their teeth get cleaned at every regularly scheduled visit to the dentist, even at the first visit. If you have concerns about your child’s ability to tolerate a cleaning, the dentist may suggest holding off on the cleaning for another visit.

The purpose of the cleaning is to remove plaque, which is a sticky film that traps bacteria, from your child’s teeth to reduce their risk of developing cavities.

How are children’s teeth cleaned?

A children’s dental cleaning is very similar to an adult’s. After your child is set up in the dentist’s chair, a dental hygienist specially trained in pediatrics starts the cleaning.

They drape a paper bib on your child’s chest to keep their clothes clean, and sunglasses are provided to help your child feel more comfortable with the bright exam light.

After adjusting the light, the hygienist removes the plaque from your child’s teeth with a tiny scraper or special toothbrush. Then, with a special electrical toothbrush, the hygienist brushes their teeth with a gritty toothpaste to remove any remaining plaque and other debris.

After the brushing, the hygienist flosses in between the teeth to remove food that may be trapped in between the teeth that weren’t removed with brushing.

After your child’s teeth are shiny and clean, the dentist comes in to complete the exam.

How often should children have digital X-rays taken?

Digital X-rays are taken at the first examination to get an initial impression of your child’s teeth. The X-rays can detect cavities, the growth of teeth -- including those still under the gums -- and any deformities or abnormalities in the mouth.

How often your child needs follow-up X-rays depends on the health of your child’s teeth. If all is well, your child may only need X-rays every 12 months. However, if your child has cavities or other dental issues, X-rays may be needed every six months.

Are digital X-rays safe for children?

As a parent, it’s your job to worry about your children, which may include exposure to radiation from dental X-rays. But when it comes to these types of X-rays, exposure and risk are very low. Plus, the digital X-rays are taken quickly, and your child is covered in a lead apron for additional protection.

For gentle, kid-friendly teeth cleaning and X-rays, call the office today to schedule an appointment or book online.